Three Reasons Why You Should Give Landscaping A Try While In Quarantine


Are you currently in quarantine and thinking what other things you could do while stuck at home? After scrubbing your floors and decluttering your closet, why don’t you give landscaping a try? Besides, your garden must be the farthest you could go outdoors.

“Life is about shifting the balance in favor of change, and try as we might hold on forever to the best of moments, it’s simply impossible,” says Susan Krauus Whitbourne, Ph.D., ABPP. Indeed, the pandemic has introduced one of the most significant shifts in our lives. No matter how drastic the changes are, we must learn to adapt to these changes. During this pandemic, continue striking a balance in the different aspects of your life. Landscaping may help you achieve this balance.

Here are three reasons why you should try landscaping a try during this time of quarantine:

Landscaping Will Keep You Pre-Occupied


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to stay indoors for an extended period. This time might be the longest staycation you ever spent at home. We have hours and hours of spare time at our disposal. Some of us use the time on the couch binge-watching our favorite TV series. But don’t you get tired of that? Change your daily routine, and it is now time to get up!

Instead of spending long hours indoors, get that morning sun. There are many things you can do in your garden. First, you can have a goal or peg for your garden. Then, you can start working on achieving it by weeding it out to make room for more plants. Observe whether your plants are in a position where they can get enough sunlight as they need and rearrange them accordingly. Include watering your plants in your daily routine. This practice is an excellent physical activity or exercise.

Remember, in this time of the pandemic, strengthening our immune system will prevent us from being infected by the virus. It is essential to incorporate physical activities into our morning routine. Landscaping is a good alternative if you hate doing strenuous workouts!

Landscaping Will Create A New Ambiance


Landscaping will improve your living space. Spending more time with nature will also make you appreciate it more. Introducing specific changes and beautifying your home will give it a cozier ambiance. Giving your home a new look to your home might also create a fresh feel to your house, especially after being in it for a long time. Indeed, a change could be useful!

Nurturing plants at home will not only improve the aesthetics of your home, but it also has its benefits. Since plants consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen to the air, having a garden will give you a better quality of air. If you do your research, some plants are natural insect repellants. These plants serve as an alternative to chemicals that can be harmful to our health and the environment.

Landscaping Will Benefit Your Mental Health


The long confinement brought about by the pandemic, and the uncertainty it brings may cause stress and anxiety to some. Landscaping is said to reduce stress and anxiety. The activity may serve said to be therapeutic while giving your self-fulfillment in the process. As you introduce landscaping and gardening in your routine, you can be on track and stay focused on your activities.

Going outdoors to take care of your garden is said to improve your mood and attitude. The activity will help you feel less stuck and trapped during the pandemic. Gardening allows you to track your progress easily. You should try planting seeds from the fruits and vegetables you cook. Later on, you may harvest your next ingredients from your garden. Growing your vegetables will feel very rewarding.

The world may have come to a pause, but it does not mean you need to stop too. Trying new things during the lockdown will help get your mind off the uncertainties the pandemic brings. If you do not know how to begin or where to start landscaping, you may learn more about it on the internet. Who knows, gardening might be a new hobby that you’ll enjoy.

How Nature Can Positively Affect Your Mental Health


Nature has a lot of healing effects. Studies conducted have found a connection between an increase in the positive impact of mental health and being surrounded by nature. A few minutes with nature can calm your mind and eliminate negative emotions. Therapists will even agree to that. So what can we do to be around nature even for a few minutes each day?

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Mental Health Guide: How To Prevent Stress At Work

Working in the field of urban planning or engineering is not an easy thing to do because every decision you make can affect not only the present circumstances but also the future ones. Because of this, you may start to feel a lot of stress in your workplace to the point that your mental health would suffer. Aside from this, your inner desire to succeed may also result in working too hard until you experience exhaustion.




The sad thing about experiencing all the things I mentioned above is that they can affect the productivity of a person. As such, there is a high chance that you would commit mistakes and errors in your job. As already emphasized above, that cannot happen because one wrong move can lead to a chaotic future for your client, especially when it involves the government of the state. Be sure to read the article from start to the bottom if you want to find out more about the strategies or techniques to eliminate or prevent stress in the workplace:

Schedule your day as if each task has its own appointment. If you know you have a few meetings or other appointments during the day, plan the tasks around those. — Sarah Farris, LCPC

Do Not Overwork Yourself


The first tip that you must never forget is to be chill when it comes to working in the office or even in the field. As much as possible, avoid overworking yourself so that you will not feel down or exhausted for the entire day. If you believe that you can no longer complete a given assignment on a particular deadline, do not hesitate to assign it to someone else. Let that person take over so that you can avoid unnecessary stress.

On the other hand, there are other ways to prevent exhaustion and increased stress levels. You can do that by reaching to BetterHelp, an online therapy platform with professional and trustworthy counselors who can guide you through the ways in which you can manage your anxieties and stresses while living a happy life. Click here for more information about how to get started.


Avoid Office Gossip


Always remind yourself that talking behind your boss’ back or your friends’ will not do you any good. Instead, it will only increase the presence of negative or bad vibes in your life. Just because others are doing it does not mean that you also need to follow. Be firm in taking a stand about talking negatively against others. The smart thing to do is to avoid the very same persons who enjoy backbiting so that you will not end up just like them.



 Any person can learn to practice self-compassion when they begin to notice the usual negative tape playing in their heads or feel the dreaded, familiar pangs of disappointment. In fact, that is exactly the time to do it. — Jillian Winters, MA, LCPC, NCC

Take A Break


Whenever you are at work, be sure that you know how to take a break so that you will not feel tired. Remember that overworking yourself can only lead to fatigue, which ultimately results in low productivity. Instead of getting more things done, you will end up delaying your reports or outputs. If this continues to happen, your boss or workmates may start to become disappointed with your actions. It does not mean that you have to be absent for the day to take a break. You can always rest or break from work during lunchtime or snack time, as long as you know how to it right.


Go On Vacation


If you have the necessary budget and vacation leave credits, then do not be afraid to travel on your own. Now is the time to take a long break from work and spend the day having fun in a nearby town or another country. Go to a place that you have never visited in the past so that you can experience that incredible feeling of being in a new area. However, it is imperative on your part to ask for explicit permission before you take a mini-break to ensure that you still have work to come back to after the vacation.


Organize Your Desk


Keep in mind that your surroundings can also affect your mental health and productivity level? Having a messy desk or workplace can result in a cluttered mind. You will start to experience difficulty in making a decision or doing your job. Because of this, it is best if you will begin to tidy up your area in the office. Be sure that everything is organized well. You will be surprised by how a little act of cleanliness on your part can already improve your mood and overall well being.



We log long hours at work with the fear of losing our jobs through downsizing hanging over our heads. Then we fight rush hour traffic to get home in time to be super-parents, putting dinner on the table, helping our kids with their homework, and checking in with friends and family members we feel we have neglected because we are so overwhelmed. — Denise Cummins Ph.D.

Stress is only part of any work, which is why you have to be a master on how to deal with such an issue. However, once you noticed that you are already outnumbered, do not hesitate to seek professional help. Sometimes, all it takes is to talk to a therapist or counselor to help you.




What You Need To Know About Behavioral Health

Did you know that the issue of mental health or behavioral health has become more serious and significant over the past few years? Many people are starting to give focus and attention to it because a recent study shows that psychological disorders and other mental illnesses can lead to adverse effects on the people affected. Worse, some of these individuals may think of suicide or hurting those around them.




Because of this, we believe that it is about time to discuss more behavioral health. There are tons of facts that you need to do about it. At the same time, you have to know the basics so that you can understand how to act or react in certain situations involving any issue about mental health. Here are some of the things that you must be aware of:


The Need To Call A Therapist


Take note that just because someone has a problem with his mental health does not automatically mean that he needs to find a therapist or psychiatrist. The first thing that needs to be done is to determine the actual illness of the person involved so that the attending doctor can give instructions on how to go about with the recommended treatment. At the same time, remind yourself that you can always seek professional help if you believe that your mental disorder has become severe.

 We all have anecdotal evidence that being told to lose weight is about as effective as being told to swim to China when it comes to providing motivation and support for healthy behavior change. — Mandy Beth Rubin, LPC

Staying Fit Is Vital For Mental Health Improvement


Being physically active, by going to the gym or doing home exercises, can result in improved mental health. The reason behind this is the release of a hormone called dopamine, which is responsible for the feelings of happiness, contentment, and excitement. As such, it is best if you will always find time to get fit. All you have to make is to set aside at least thirty to forty-five minutes a day.




Food Intake Affects Mental Condition


Another essential thing that you must never forget is the importance of eating right. Make sure that your food intake is composed of items that are high in vitamins and nutrients. Check out here some of the top foods and supplements that are rich in vitamins and minerals: As much as possible, avoid food choices that are high in fat and cholesterol. When you do this, you can become more active and happier. Eventually, it can also improve your mental condition. It is highly recommended for you to start preparing your own food so that you can be fit, mentally healthy. Failure to do this can place you in a potential bad mood.

 …a good way to improve your nutrition is to prepare more of your own food. — Tchiki Davis, Ph.D.

Importance Of A Support Group


If you know someone or a loved one who is suffering from a mental health problem or if you are the one who is in the said situation, the best thing that you have to consider is finding a support group. Remember that help and assistance from other people are two of the top things that you need. You can never survive your days without having someone to talk to about your disorder or illness. As much as possible, connect with like-minded individuals who can listen to your problems and will continue to support you no matter what.


Embracing Positivity


One of the things that you must also consider when it comes to mental health is to embrace positivity and to let go of negativity. Take note that what you think the most can affect the circumstances in your life. If you continue to think of negative thoughts, you can attract more adversity in your day-to-day life. On the other hand, if you continue to make an effort to embrace good thoughts and emotions, you can experience positive changes in your life. As such, it is always ideal to know what you want and embrace positivity. In so doing, you can improve your behavioral health.





I suggest you try the strategies that seem appropriate for your needs and work on developing your own. — Carey Heller, PsyD

Behavioral health is something that you need to take seriously. Make sure that you find time to prioritize it at all times so that you will not encounter severe problems in the future. At the same time, knowing more about mental health can also be helpful in instances where someone you love and care about has a mental illness or psychological disorder. As much as possible, educate yourself about mental health and its different branches. Look into the necessary information that is essential in understanding behavioral health and how it affects us.



What Are The Effects Of Rapid Urbanization On Mental Health

More people are moving from rural to urban areas with hopes for better lives.  This preference forces countries to follow the trend of urbanization.  Thus, bringing in changes in the social, environmental, and economic status.  Changes that do not always mean growth, progress, and efficiency.


Across multiple continents, urbanization has been linked to relative increases in mental health problems. — Glenn Geher Ph.D.

Urbanization has its advantages and disadvantages.   It may be a sign of economic growth and improvement in the standard of living of “some” families.  But sometimes, the economic growth is not enough to feed everyone who comes to the city, not even enough to provide everyone with a job that can sustain a family.  Thus, most of them, especially the unskilled ones, end up as informal settlers.


Home To Poverty

People from the rural areas are attracted by the lights and noise of the city.  They taught that in moving to the city, they would find milk and honey.  Often, what awaits them is the exact opposite.

The influx of people in the city increases the level of poverty and pollution.  With poverty, crime rate upsurges.  The increase in the number of informal settlers charges up pollution.  These pollutants often bring health issues (physical and mental) (garbage, dirty swamps, blocked drains, and more).


Impact To Mental Health

Poverty can have a significant impact on mental health.  Moving from rural to the urban area can expose you to hardships and dangers.

Stress-related illnesses exact a tremendous cost in urban society, both personal and economic. — Colin Ellard Ph.D.

Having little or no social support in a busy place where everything happens so fast can make you more vulnerable to mental disorders.  Being used to the slow life in the countryside, you might experience the shock that could lead to developing anxiety and depression.

Mostly, the young adults are the ones who are eager to move into the city.  They are the age group who are supposed to be the most productive, yet more vulnerable to be burdened by mental health issues.


Vices, Crime, And Family Disintegration


 With progress comes complexity and chaos.  Chaos often results in people being hooked on vices and committing a crime.  The disorder causes family breakdown and the ones most affected are the children.  What’s the use of progress and how will we see the future when the children of today are suffering from a mental breakdown brought by the collapse of the basic unit of our society?

Economic progress is good, but if enjoyed only by few, can result in socio-economic stress.  The stress and other forms of mental health issues cause an increase in violence and crimes that can be associated with alcohol, drugs and other substance abuse, and other vices.

Those who find it hard to thrive in the city end up suffering from depression.   They sometimes feel hopeless which pushes them to commit a crime, some even would think of committing suicide to end their tribulation.

Neuroscientific and behavioural insights have been used successfully in a number of building projects within the health and education sectors and from the design of ‘healthy cities’ to sustainable neighbourhoods. — Jessica Pykett Ph.D.


The elderly who are left alone in their homes in rural areas have no one to care for them.  Some can’t even work and have no source of income.  They are only relying on the money being sent by their children who moved to the city.  The neglected older population can also suffer from loneliness, anxiety, and exposure to more health issues, both physical and mental.

Are you among the elderly who need guidance with their mental and emotional health in the midst of all these changes? The BetterHelp team is able and ready to talk to you and guide you into keeping yourself open and positive about life. You may check out this link for client reviews, or you can learn more about how you can get counseling through this link.

It’s time to re-think and spread awareness about urbanization.  The pros and cons it can do to families who wanted to move to the city.  The government must initiate campaigns and programs to help improve their lives so they can have a choice to stay in the countryside.

We yearn so much for a worldly life that the bright and colorful city lights blind us.   We see them as a depiction of fame and success.  We failed to realize that it is more of a concrete jungle where no one is safe and only the fittest survive.



Why It’s Important To Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Are you aware that the rate of suicide has increased over the years? Nowadays, we can hear daily news about people who have decided to cut their lives short instead of living one more day to fight the battle. Experts have varying comments about the rise in suicide cases all over the world. According to recent studies, one of the reasons why this is happening is because many persons experience deteriorating mental health.


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