Counseling For Urban Life


Urban Life Counseling

The Urban Sprawl is a place people often want to spend their lives.

It’s the “self-enhancer” because the urban sprawl is where most unexpected experiences happen.

How different is rural life from urban life? Urban living provides many dazzling avenues that allow people to spend life according to their fulfillment rule. But some individuals do not see it that way anymore. Unfortunately, many of them realize the need to forget and leave everything behind in their urban life. Let us try and discuss some of the reasons they left their city living. If you think you don’t know where you want to live, seek urban life therapy.

Urban Life Counseling

  • Unhealthy Number Of People

When talking about cities, for sure, we can expect a huge number of populations living in an area. That’s what cities are made for. It serves to cater to a large number of individuals that are used to living in cramped small spaces with paper-thin walls. But that is the struggle there.

The busy city living of everyone can somehow affect others’ limited space because they will have to deal with the permeated odors coming from all corners of the room, the loud noises from the streets that people should get used to.

Even the public comfort rooms that not everyone is willing to take care of.

  • Exceptionally Overpriced Rooms For Rent

One of the struggles with city living is the place to stay. A lot of people are trying to fit everything in a room regardless of the small space. But that is not the point because renting a property or room in metro cities is exceptionally overpriced that it can almost take individuals’ overall earnings straight out of their pockets.

Urban Life Counseling

  • Unbeatable Pollution Growth

It is no secret that big cities are polluted. There is garbage everywhere. Aside from that, the air in big metro cities is way more damaging than anywhere on the planet. That is due to the carbon emission from tons of vehicles on the road.


Urban Life Counseling

  • Traffic Congestion

Yes, one of the most problematic issues that big cities encounter every day is traffic congestion. For most people, it is a nightmare that they have to deal with all the time (one dilemma that is often with city living). But it somehow cannot support the vast majority of vehicle needs, especially during rush hours. Thus, people need to accept that they always have to prepare to go to school or work a little more than an hour earlier than usual.

  • More Exposure To Crimes

Big cities are known to have thousands of crimes committed every day. Again, that is due to the massive number of inhabitants living in an area or in the city areas. This has something to do with the root of it all, which is poverty.


Urban Life Counseling

  • Unhealthy Living

Some people choose to leave the big city because of the unhealthy city living that it offers. Not that everyone can have a problem with how they live their lives, but the big city is often full of too much of everything. In some unfortunate instances, since people need to get used to the city’s busy routine, they have to adjust their eating habits like everybody else. Thus instead of trying to go for healthy meals, people choose convenience over quality food.

  • People Are Toxic

Embracing the city way of living is fun and entertaining. Unfortunately, since there are many people that everyone shares their day with, different personalities and traits get cramped together. It leaves everyone confused and always on the search for individual adjustments. And when there are too many personalities clashing, there’s stress and toxicity that often makes people’s city living miserable.

Final Thoughts On Urban Life Counseling

Those are the most common reasons why most people choose to settle in big cities and leave their rural way of living behind? Do you opt to live in the city living? Perhaps you need help to come up with a wise decision.



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