6 Reasons To Keep An Indoor Plant During A Pandemic

It’s been a tough couple of months since COVID-19 hit earlier this year, driving citizens into their homes for safety. Governments and employers have mandated workers to work from home if their work permits.

Being cooped up at home may still be stressful, especially during these times. But rest assured you can surely brighten up the place with these small graces – houseplants! 

Access to freeing fresh air and lush greenery may be limited if you’re living in the city. You also know how important it is to bring nature closer to home. If you aren’t so familiar with what indoor plants can do for you during this pandemic, read on to learn more.

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Houseplants Help Improve Health

According to Dr. Bill Wolverton, PhD of NASA, “If man is to move into closed environments, on Earth or in space, he must take along nature’s life support system.” And he couldn’t be any more correct, and houseplants can help us improve our health and living conditions.

  • Plants As Natural Air Purifiers

In another study, researchers discovered that even if we’re home, it is not as pollutant-free as we think. On the Sick Building Syndrome, concentrated toxic elements from synthetic materials cause people to fall ill. They manifest in allergies, rashes, respiratory problems, etc.

We need to prep our house with the protection it needs. Due to pollution, different molds, viruses, and toxin emissions mix into the air. These substances have harmful components such as benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, trichloroethylene. The old wall paint, rubbers, vinyl, computer parents, and plastic you find at home releases these harmful compounds into the air we breathe.

Fortunately, houseplants can absorb these and breakdown the components into gentle byproducts. As they do this process, they can also store the byproducts into their soil for food.

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  • Minimizes Fatigue, Sore Throats, And Colds

Another bonus for having indoor plants around is an improvement in staff attendance as workers have taken less sick leaves. It is these times we realize how important it is not to skip a day of work.

With plants around the house, they raise the air’s humidity by spraying moisture vapor into the air. Improved humidity can keep us away from respiratory issues like dry coughs and sore throats.

Boost Cognitive Performance And Mental Health

This next point on the significance of houseplants is also as crucial as cleaner air. Plants can help improve your mental well-being, an essential health factor to consider these days.

  • Work Productivity And Concentration Benefits

As we merge work environments into our homes, we need to create a space that is also conducive to productivity. Studies have proven a person’s work performance increases due to the presence of indoor plants as opposed to having lean workspaces devoid of greenery.

According to a study in 2014, supplementing a space with plants increases productivity by 15%. This favorable productivity is due to workplace satisfaction. Employees reported they have also experienced more prolonged periods of concentration.

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  • A Houseplant Reduces Stress

Having a patch of green around the house can help ease your mind from anxiety and worry. Stress recovery is one of the essential functions of indoor plants.

Even having passive involvement with your plant, like only having it close like on a desk, resulted in lowered anxiety. Interactions with plants such as gazing at it or tending to them have calming effects on stressed-out people.

Improves Creativity And Emotional Well-Being

  • Indoor Plants Have Aesthetic Appeal

Plants are natural on the eyes. Their vibrant green colors spruce up your dingy condominium into a relaxing haven. Urban dwellers have been raving on about their houseplant ideas. Artistic folks find the opportunity to be creative with their decorative and fashionable little greens.

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  • Plants Are Friends

If you’re living alone in the city during this difficult time, a houseplant may be the next best thing after a pet. It’s a living thing that requires attention, too, probably not as much as a spirited dog. Redirecting your nurturing energy on something other than yourself and work helps combat loneliness and worry.

Being cooped up at home, forced to work where you rest, and disconnected from physical interactions during this pandemic is challenging. Gardening has been used as a pastime for senior citizens as the activity gives them a renewed sense of purpose.

One helpful way to make our space feel warm, alive, and relaxing is to spruce it up with a vibrant houseplant. Their presence boosts the room’s aesthetics, and they also have positive effects on our home’s air quality and psychological well-being.

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