Health Benefits Of Indoor Plants


Living plants can do a great job cleaning up the indoor air we breath — and they’re also great for our mood, and much more. — Sally Augustin Ph.D.

Aside from the aesthetic beauty that indoor plants give, there is more to it that you might not know. Plants are way better than just a design in your home because it provides significant benefits in your physical, emotional, as well as mental needs. Let’s take a closer look at how indoor plants can ensure that overall beneficial stuff.

The Benefits

  • Well, perhaps you already know that plants produce oxygen in exchange for the absorption of carbon dioxide. The particular process is what our mind and bodies should entirely appreciate. But you might not know that plants can also absorb toxins. It includes low-level of toxins that could be lingering in our homes such as chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene.
  • Research shows that a room filled with plants has a 50% to 60% chance of getting airborne microbes. Meaning, the chances of getting unwanted substances in the air is less likely to occur when indoor plants are present in a room. So things not visible to the naked eyes such as bacteria and mold spore are some samples of those microbes.

Having a room with a view of nature or indoor plants can help reduce nervousness, anxiety, and tension. — Tchiki Davis, Ph.D.

  • Indoor plants are excellent in increasing the air’s moisture and humidity. Interestingly, a research conducted in the University in the US notes that house plants help in decreasing dry skin, cold, dry cough, and cases of flu. Thus, having plants can help in controlling the necessary temperature a human body requires.
  • It gets proven that indoor plants are useful when it comes to healing. They are medicines for the body. There was a study that shows indoor plants allow better blood pressure, and lower incidence of pain. It is as if indoor plants can remove the negative energy from the human’s physical body. People believe that indoor plants allow a better healing time as well compared to those patients’ who are not around any types of plants.
  • Indoor plants help improve any space, room, and environment. It works in mysterious ways of allowing people to become more productive. That is because the whole idea will result in the feeling of being just like outside and in nature. It will enable a sense of peace and clarity, which is beneficial in fulfilling daily tasks.

It is our relationship and our experience with the plants that that charge the treatment. — Aylee Welch, LICSW

Since indoor plants make us feel comfortable and happy, it gets proven that it reduces stress and anxiety. It can regulate mood as it keeps good energy inside a room. In some cases, it helps in concentration and improves memory retention by up to 20%. It also allows a better cognitive function.

Well, planting trees may not be as convenient as is used to, but there is still another way to control the greenhouse effect. If we start taking care of our environment and allow indoor plants in our home, not only we get to experience the above benefits, but we will also have a chance to appreciate our effort in keeping our mind and body healthy. It is not too late to start putting indoor plants in your home. You should consider it.

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