Reasons Why I Love Gardening


Gardening can be both rewarding and exhausting. Depending on the person, the motivation and passion of doing it require a significant amount of consideration. As for me, I love gardening because I find myself enjoying everything about it. Yes, I get to feel exhausted sometimes, but that is not enough reason for me to quit spending my time in my garden. Why is that? Well, here are my personal reasons for loving gardening so much.

We forget we are of the natural world. This approach does not understand that symptoms are only a small part of what really needs our attention. — Aylee Welch, LICSW

It Gives Me Peace

When I am gardening, I can set my mind to only one thing – finish what I am doing. Not only it does keep me concentrated, but it also allows me to have a sense of awareness on things that surround me. Everything feels light and comfortable. It is as if the whole process of managing and organizing my plants and flowers are the best things I can do every day. There is this positive energy that pulls me away from the emotional and mental toxicity. There is too much peace everywhere, and I can say that I pretty much love it because I know I deserve that moment of silence.

It Makes Me Happy


Nothing makes me happier when I am alone with my plants. I get to witness their growth. It makes me appreciate life and the wonder of God’s creation. I feel entitled to live fully with no hesitations and full of confidence. The whole process of gardening makes me happy because I enjoy the task of taking care of something. It feels like serving my purpose on doing things for the betterment of my emotional and mental health. It makes me appreciative of my existence because I know I am contributing something good, not only for other people and me but as well as the environment.

Getting your hands dirty, weeding, and planting can feel calming, almost like a meditation. Plus it puts you in contact with soil (which is good for your microbiome), boosts your levels of vitamin D (from the sun), and exposes you to fresh air. — Tchiki Davis, Ph.D.

It Releases My Stress


Not only I can manage my day, enhance my skills, and be with my plants; I can also care for my mental health when I am gardening. It helps in releasing my stress, and I feel a lot comfortable with myself. There is this enhancement in my mood as well, which allows me to understand each of their differences. Gardening allows me to control my thoughts and feelings without depriving myself of releasing what I should feel and think as of the moment. It is more of enhanced control over my mind, body, and soul. Every time I talk to the plants and rant about something, I tend to feel out of burden. It seems like magic but being surrounded by the beauty of nature makes me feel so much okay.

Feeling good around plants is probably not surprising. After all, we surround ourselves with plants during celebrations and tragedies (i.e., weddings and funerals, respectively). — Jonathan S. Kaplan Ph.D.

Some of these reasons may or may not be the ones some people have. But for me, these are the best I can get from gardening. Yes, I get dirty, stinky, and exhausted at times, but that is entirely okay. I love gardening for it is the best reason that keeps in safe emotionally, physically, and mentally. You should try it more often and experience the greatness it can provide.

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