How Nature Can Positively Affect Your Mental Health


Nature has a lot of healing effects. Studies conducted have found a connection between an increase in the positive impact of mental health and being surrounded by nature. A few minutes with nature can calm your mind and eliminate negative emotions. Therapists will even agree to that. So what can we do to be around nature even for a few minutes each day?

Go To A Park

Having a walk around a park and seeing all the trees, plants and animals can help with clearing your mind. Even sitting down by the pond can have positive effects on your overall physical and mental health.

Take A Nature Walk

Having a quick trek or a walk can boost your physical and mental health. We all know that walking is the greatest form of exercise, and it can burn those unwanted calories. Also, it can ease your mind from the worries and focus on the moment before you. Seeing how beautiful your surroundings are while walking through trees and plants and hearing birds and other animals can put your mind in a state of calmness.

Spending some time surrounded by nature at least once a day is a potent stress antidote that costs nothing, is within easy reach and has an instant effect. It is likely to make you calmer, cope better with stress and lift your mood. — Mithu Storoni MD, Ph.D.

Stroll With A Friend

Taking a walk alone is fine, but you can be more motivated if you are with a friend. This could also be a time to talk about your worries and problems. This will help clear your mind, and this will also serve as a bonding moment with your friend so you can catch up with each other, have fun, and cure your overall health at the same time.


Do Some Bird Watching

Isn’t it peaceful to watch colorful birds flying from tree to tree and hearing them sing their songs? This helps your mind be calm and feel the quietness around you. This doesn’t happen when you are busy with work and neglect the surroundings you’re in, so it’s good to stop and appreciate what nature can offer once in a while.

Nature Will Lessen Your Anxiety And Stress

Being around nature can reduce anxiety and other negative emotions that are building up inside you from the stress you encounter every day. Stopping for a moment and being far from the bustling cities for a day can reverse your negative emotion.

This sounds wonderful, but the truth is, it’s not like we can do this every day. We all get home tired from a full day’s work, and there are still chores and errands to do at home. But we can make our home a peaceful one by adding a bit of greenery around, even when we are in the city.

People in any depression should avoid as many environmental toxins as possible; eat organic foods; and avoid caffeine, sugar, and processed foods. They should surround themselves with a natural, nonstimulating environment. — Aylee Welch, LICSW

Nature Nook At Home – Another Way To Relieve Stress

Having even a small garden at home can relieve stress. You don’t need to start big, and you don’t have to spend all your free time in your garden. A good 30 minutes of gardening can eliminate the negative emotions you’ve been feeling, and seeing your plants grow can up your happiness level. Here are the benefits of gardening at home:

Love The Sun

Bathing in the morning glow of the sun can do wonders not only physically but also mentally. Feeling the warmth of the sun and getting your dose of vitamin D helps your brain produce happy hormones while getting healthier skin.


One With Nature

Having a garden in your backyard could be a great way to be one with nature for we all know that we cannot always go out for a hike or a walk in the park. Instead of hours of watching television or scrolling through social media, you can tend to your plants or stop and sit in your garden, observing nature to calm your mind and give you a moment of peace.

A Beautiful Sight

The best way to eliminate stress is to see greenery. It boosts your mental health and gives you positive emotions. Having a small garden not only relieves stress but also adds to the beauty of your home. Now, a peaceful place to retreat after a long day is just a few steps away.

Relative to a barren environment, the research suggests that having plants around you is a good thing for your health and productivity. So, if you’re feeling stressed or inefficient at work, get a plant. — Jonathan S. Kaplan Ph.D.

Create Your Peaceful Place

Depending on the size of the place and how much time and money you can allot, it is up to you how you start creating your garden. It does not have to be grand; it just needs to be a place where you can relax and let the greenery take over the stress you have and turning it to peacefulness and calmness.

Why wait for another time if you have the time to start today? If you are living in an urban area and you have no time to go for a walk in a park or go for a hike, this is the best option you have. And it is fulfilling to see that what you planted grows and thrives.

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