Mental Health Guide: How To Prevent Stress At Work

Working in the field of urban planning or engineering is not an easy thing to do because every decision you make can affect not only the present circumstances but also the future ones. Because of this, you may start to feel a lot of stress in your workplace to the point that your mental health would suffer. Aside from this, your inner desire to succeed may also result in working too hard until you experience exhaustion.




The sad thing about experiencing all the things I mentioned above is that they can affect the productivity of a person. As such, there is a high chance that you would commit mistakes and errors in your job. As already emphasized above, that cannot happen because one wrong move can lead to a chaotic future for your client, especially when it involves the government of the state. Be sure to read the article from start to the bottom if you want to find out more about the strategies or techniques to eliminate or prevent stress in the workplace:

Schedule your day as if each task has its own appointment. If you know you have a few meetings or other appointments during the day, plan the tasks around those. — Sarah Farris, LCPC

Do Not Overwork Yourself


The first tip that you must never forget is to be chill when it comes to working in the office or even in the field. As much as possible, avoid overworking yourself so that you will not feel down or exhausted for the entire day. If you believe that you can no longer complete a given assignment on a particular deadline, do not hesitate to assign it to someone else. Let that person take over so that you can avoid unnecessary stress.

On the other hand, there are other ways to prevent exhaustion and increased stress levels. You can do that by reaching to BetterHelp, an online therapy platform with professional and trustworthy counselors who can guide you through the ways in which you can manage your anxieties and stresses while living a happy life. Click here for more information about how to get started.


Avoid Office Gossip


Always remind yourself that talking behind your boss’ back or your friends’ will not do you any good. Instead, it will only increase the presence of negative or bad vibes in your life. Just because others are doing it does not mean that you also need to follow. Be firm in taking a stand about talking negatively against others. The smart thing to do is to avoid the very same persons who enjoy backbiting so that you will not end up just like them.



 Any person can learn to practice self-compassion when they begin to notice the usual negative tape playing in their heads or feel the dreaded, familiar pangs of disappointment. In fact, that is exactly the time to do it. — Jillian Winters, MA, LCPC, NCC

Take A Break


Whenever you are at work, be sure that you know how to take a break so that you will not feel tired. Remember that overworking yourself can only lead to fatigue, which ultimately results in low productivity. Instead of getting more things done, you will end up delaying your reports or outputs. If this continues to happen, your boss or workmates may start to become disappointed with your actions. It does not mean that you have to be absent for the day to take a break. You can always rest or break from work during lunchtime or snack time, as long as you know how to it right.


Go On Vacation


If you have the necessary budget and vacation leave credits, then do not be afraid to travel on your own. Now is the time to take a long break from work and spend the day having fun in a nearby town or another country. Go to a place that you have never visited in the past so that you can experience that incredible feeling of being in a new area. However, it is imperative on your part to ask for explicit permission before you take a mini-break to ensure that you still have work to come back to after the vacation.


Organize Your Desk


Keep in mind that your surroundings can also affect your mental health and productivity level? Having a messy desk or workplace can result in a cluttered mind. You will start to experience difficulty in making a decision or doing your job. Because of this, it is best if you will begin to tidy up your area in the office. Be sure that everything is organized well. You will be surprised by how a little act of cleanliness on your part can already improve your mood and overall well being.



We log long hours at work with the fear of losing our jobs through downsizing hanging over our heads. Then we fight rush hour traffic to get home in time to be super-parents, putting dinner on the table, helping our kids with their homework, and checking in with friends and family members we feel we have neglected because we are so overwhelmed. — Denise Cummins Ph.D.

Stress is only part of any work, which is why you have to be a master on how to deal with such an issue. However, once you noticed that you are already outnumbered, do not hesitate to seek professional help. Sometimes, all it takes is to talk to a therapist or counselor to help you.




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