Urban Planning: What If It Causes Stress?

It’s possible that, to some extent, by tuning into the signals, becoming aware of the signs of acute stress—the thumping heartbeat, sweaty palms and heavy breathing—we can become more mindful of the influence of place on the state of our minds and bodies. — Colin Ellard Ph.D.

One of the things that you need to give your full attention and focus to is succeeding in your profession. As much as possible, make an effort to show to everyone that you are great at what you do. When you are able to make this happen, there is a high possibility that people will start to become more aware of your presence. In the long run, this can lead to your eventual success that can make your loved ones or family happy.

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Unfortunately, there is some sort of a price to pay when it comes to excelling in your chosen field. Since you are engaged in the urban planning industry, It is possible that you may experience stress and pressure from your employers or clients. Because of this, it is imperative on your part to learn the different ways on how you can keep can maintain stable mental health despite the presence of anxiety and stress. Below are some of the strategies that you must remember at all times:

Set A Goal

The moment you start working in this field, it is imperative on your part to set specific goals for a particular period. Avoid choosing several objectives to be accomplished all at the same time because it can only increase undue pressure on your part. Take note that it is crucial for you o take things slow so that you can avoid mistakes and errors. In setting your goals, be sure to make them realistic. Set a deadline that is reasonable to give yourself sufficient time to accomplish it.

Take A Break

Whenever you feel like your career in urban planning has already taken a toll in your life, do not be afraid to go on a vacation. Remember that you deserve to rest and have fun. It is essential and vital to give your body enough time to recover from worrying a lot about work. All you must do is to file a vacation leave to your supervisor so that you can be allowed to take a break even for a short period of time.

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Our senses are overly stimulated with sights, sounds, and smells of the city, thus making it hard to simply focus and pay attention. Our ready access to goods and services can be a drawback at times too, if we use it for distraction. — Jonathan S. Kaplan Ph.D.

Avoid Bringing Work Issues At Home

Your dedication and commitment to get things done is quite impressive. However, be reminded that you do not need to bring all your work assignments at home. If possible, leave your work-related tasks at the office so that you can have a clear boundary between work and life at home. Instead of working during wee hours at night, you must spend it to bond with the entire family. Always keep in mind that they must be your number one priority at all times.

Be Positive At All Times

Whenever you feel exhausted and tired about what you do, the best thing to remember is the reason why you began or started in the first place. Continue to keep a positive attitude during the challenging times in your profession as an urban planner. Take note that this positivity can take you for a long ride. Start living your life with gratitude to attract better things to come in your life. Learn to appreciate what you have around you.

Connect With Colleagues

No matter how excellent you are in your career in urban planning, everything might still go to waste if you do not learn how to connect with your work colleagues. Be confident to strike a conversation with your workmates. Show them that you are accommodating and friendly. Nonetheless, it is still vital to be sensitive and careful about the words that will come out in your mouth. The goal is never to say something that may offend your mates.

Seek Professional Help

Do you believe that your condition has become more impossible to deal with? Have you noticed that the shortness of your breath has become regular? If you answered yes to both questions, the best thing to do is to look for a therapist that you can trust. Do not hesitate to connect with a mental health expert. This professional can help you process the several thoughts that enter your mind every now and then. Just put in mind that your participation matters for the success of this professional engagement.

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There are so many things we can do to support nature—and to invite nature back into our lives to support us. — Andrea L. Bell, LCSW, SEP


Remember that stress is something that you can avoid if you follow the steps mentioned above. The technique is to move according to your own pace. Stop comparing yourself to others to ensure that you can be more efficient in doing your job. Familiarize yourself with the tips and tricks mentioned above. As long as you remember the tips, everything is going to be easy.

Furthermore, do not forget to renew your license to practice your profession in the country. Otherwise, you will not be permitted to render any work or professional services, At the same time, you may expose yourself to the possibility of encountering serious violations with present law and statutes.


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