2016 Yonkers Urban Planning Conference Discusses The Importance Of Urban Planning

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Urban planning is the technical and political method where the development of land and environment in an area are utilized most efficiently. It includes the plan of transportation and communication. The 2016 Yonkers Urban Planning Conference aims to discuss the benefits of urban planning.


The Importance Of Urban Planning:


Improves Impact


Urban planning allows for an overview of the priorities, resources, and human resources. It helps in assuring the materialization of a vision. The plan is useful in turning ideas into reality as it serves as a guide that awaits materialization.


Economic Stability


Urban planning helps secure economic stability. It ensures coordination and proper distribution of economic activity. It emphasizes what the city needs as well as its people such as the employment, transportation, communication, and other necessities.


Structure For Growth


Urban planning is a sign of hope, especially for thriving cities. It serves as a vision and a guide to follow. In everything, it has to start with a good plan. It also serves as a motivation and a guide to move forward.




There is nothing better than a city that is ready for challenges including demands and calamities. Urban planning involves envisioning the future – the growth of population, innovation, and disasters. It prepares for modernization and stability of the city by preparing for demands and challenges.




Urban planning allows for anticipation of future challenges. It puts a city in a position to anticipate rather than react to specific changes. Being able to prepare in advance means less cost, and it symbolizes the stability of the city as well.


Source: pixabay.com


The 2016 Yonkers Urban Planning Conference aims to discuss the benefits of urban planning to a city. It understands the importance of envisioning economic growth. Urban planning allows for solidity and materialization of ideas and designs for innovation.

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