Time Management Tips For Urban Planners

The demands of your work in urban planning can be overwhelming at times, which is why you have to act smart to ensure that you will not get burned out immediately. Take note that the continuous feeling of exhaustion can affect the quality of your output. When this happens, it can have adverse consequences for your career.

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One of the effective ways on how to lessen the presence of stress and vulnerability in your profession in the city development industry is to be an expert in time management. The primary objective is to become the master of your own time. Do not let the demands of your work bring you down. Here are some of the tips on how you can master managing time:


Set Your Goals

Not knowing what to do can take up so much of your time, which is why it is imperative on your part to begin thinking of goals that you want to accomplish. Do not worry yet about the duration or timeline because it is not essential at this point. What matters is to understand the driving force behind these goals.

It may feel frustrating knowing some lower-priority tasks will not get done right away, but remind yourself that you will soon make time for them. — Sarah Farris, LCPC

Determine The Tasks

Now that you have already identified all the goals that you want to achieve, the next step is to list down the tasks necessary to meet these objectives. You need to create a list of the functions so that you will know which are those that must be prioritized. Start with randomly writing all the tasks that you can think of. Right after, begin grouping them according to priority or timeline.

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Plan Ahead

Before showing up for a meeting with your clients, the right thing to do is to prepare everything. Do not come to the office empty-handed. This is where you must learn how to anticipate the needs of your clients. You will be surprised with how things can go smoothly once you create a plan ahead of time. It is a good idea because it will prevent you from feeling pressured from time constraint during the implementation stage.


Eliminate Distractions

When you are at work or in a meeting, be sure to keep all distractions away. Remember that these distractions can prevent you from becoming productive. An excellent example of this is the constant use of smartphones. Keep yourself away from this device because even a minute spent in scrolling your apps or checking your messages can already constitute an interruption in work.

We have access to many unique experiences that can be used to develop our mindfulness practice. We can learn to meditate on the subway or cultivate compassion and gratitude for our city’s sanitation workers, for example. — Jonathan S. Kaplan Ph.D.

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Find A Way To Delegate

Another essential thing that you have to understand is delegation. Give yourself a break from all the stressors in your project. You can do this by devising a method on how you can delegate some tasks in urban planning with the other members of the team. Always keep in mind that you need not do all the functions on your own.


Check Your Time

How long does it usually take you to complete a particular task? Do you have an estimate on the number of minutes or hours required for a specific job? If yes, then you will not have a problem with keeping a time log of your time. It is significant so that you can come up with a system of budgeting with your work hours.

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Understanding how your own body is affected by a day of city life, and knowing how to regulate your own stress, is an important ingredient for a happy, healthy, and comfortable life in a busy and crowded environment. — Colin Ellard Ph.D.

Being an urban planner is entirely challenging. The tasks can be demanding at times. Because of this, you need to follow the tips mentioned above so that you can have more time to do personal matters. If you need help on how to schedule, do not hesitate to ask for help from the other members of your team. Learn how to collaborate with them so that you can save in space.

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